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We exist to introduce people to Jesus and together become more like Him.

Maybe in your home you have a small box hidden on a closet floor for your valu­able papers or a special jew­elry box tucked away where someone couldn’t easily find it for your personal valu­ables. All of us give careful thought to how to protect those things we consider especially valuable. Your family also has many less clearly defined “values” that, while they might be harder to clarify, are in fact even more valuable than anything physical you possess. They are often unspoken but still clearly understood. These are the expectations we share that determine our priorities, the principles that guide our relationships, the guidelines that help us to live in an orderly way with each other, and the “grease” that lets our family move ahead together smoothly and effortlessly. Because the church is a family, there are also “values” which God says are important for our life together. These values summarize some of those principles and priorities of Scripture that are important to our living together sup­portively and peacefully, and which we are to guard and protect diligently. We hope this summary will describe for you what makes SBC “tick” as we grow together in Christ.

The Church is a Family (Ephesians 2:19) The Bible tells us that all Christians are members of God’s spiritual family, and as such, we are to model the best in family life together.

The Priority of Love in Relationships (Romans 13:8; 1 Corinthians 13:1-6) Because the church is made up of sinful people, love must be aggressively exer­cised to “cover a multitude of sins” (1 Peter 4:8) and to create an atmosphere where we supportively build one another up in Christ (1 Corinthians 12:30).

The Unity of the Church (Ephesians 4:1) Any family must work together to move forward together. Many things will tend to pull us apart, and disintegrate the unity God has given His family. These things must be actively resisted for maximum progress to be achieved.

The Respect of Differ­ences in Others in Middle Matters (Romans 14:1-15:6) Some truths and priorities are non-negotiable. They are what define us as Christians, rather than non-Christians. However, there is much room for variety within the Christian family, and we affirm those differ­ences as important to more adequately demonstrate the unique and individual nature of each family member.

The Necessity of Growth (Hebrews 5:13-6:1) The Bible describes the Christian Life as a pilgrim­age (Psalm 84:4-6). None of us has arrived. None of us can travel as effectively alone as we can together. We are called to be people on the journey of “Growing Together In Christ.”

Giving (Philippians 4:19) We believe God will provide the necessary resources both in finances and per­sonnel for what He wants done.

Faith (Hebrews 11:6) We believe God’s great­est desire from His people is that they trust Him. Our lives should demonstrate an active dependence upon God in all we do. This will be seen in the centrality of prayer among God’s people.

Excellence (Colos­sians 3:23) We believe that excellence honors God and inspires people. We are committed to ministry that offers excellence to God and our best to people.