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Born Is The King: Kings and kingdoms have clashed and wars and strife have been a part of the story of humanity since ancient days. It’s not what God intended. It’s not God’s best. Christmas is a time to anticipate peace on earth and joy in the world. Our hope comes from a baby. Not just an ordinary baby but a baby born to be a king. Join us this Christmas. Friday, December 8th at 7 pm, Saturday, December 9th at 7 pm, and Sunday, December 10th at 8:45 am, 10:30 am, and 2 pm. Celebrate…and worship!

This is Christmas: At the risk of gross understatement, 2017 has been a tough year for our country. The mass shootings in Las Vegas, and now Sutherland Springs, TX, are sickening. The chaos and destruction of hurricanes, staggering. Kneeling NFL football players are trying to say something about what’s happened, and what’s happening, in our country. But it’s sadly become impossible to sort out what’s actually being said.

We need some hope. We need a visit from God. We need Christmas.

Not just cute, sentimental, romanticized Christmas. The God-with-us, God-for-us, God-came-to-us Christmas. In that genuine message of Christmas, we find God is not distant, but right here. Not occasionally involved in the affairs of our world, but personally invested. For millennia, that message of Christmas has anchored hope, love, joy, and peace. It will anchor our Christmas celebrations at SBC in this tough year as well.

Because we need some hope. A visit from God. We need Christmas.

Jingle Bell Beach: This year, celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ through the hearts of our precious children. Follow a group of kids as they gather at the beach for an annual singing competition, and watch as they learn the real meaning of Christmas. During both morning services on December 17th.

Christmas Eve Worship: Celebrate Christmas as a family on December 24th at 8:45 & 10:30 am during both of our morning services. The morning of worship will be a time to honor the Christ of Christmas as we recognize him as both a baby and the Savior.

Sierra Bible Church Worship Ministries is more than an organization, more than music, more than a set of guidelines…we are family. We become brothers and sisters through our communion with Jesus Christ. To that end, everything we do is about loving God and loving others and learning together how to do that better.

Vocalists and instrumentalists, actors and dancers, artists and writers, ushers and greeters, techies and craftsmen, all are welcome to use their gifts to glorify God. For more information, contact Michael Roberson 532-1381 x111 or email.